email list setup

How to setup a free email newsletter for success

Do you run a band or a business?

Then you need to be building your email list. Email is the best way to directly communicate to your fans (customers).

But you can’t just collect email addresses into your contact app on your phone and email them all individually. You need an email marketing service.

I know that might sound a little scary, but that’s why I’m here. In this article I’m going to walk you through, step by step, showing you how to setup a free email newsletter for your band or small business.

Choosing an email marketing service

There are a lot of options available for email marketing services, and everyone has their favorite.

So do I. (more…)

How to create the ideal password

How to create the ideal password

Have you ever forgotten a password to an online account and in frustration, and a little shame, used the “I forgot my password” link?

The ideal password is an elusive creature. A certain length is necessary, contain a particular combination of characters, and everyone tells you not to use the same password over again, but how are you supposed to remember them all?

I’ve got a system for you. It works, and it creates the ideal password, that you can remember, use over again without security fears, and will satisfy all the requirements. And as a bonus, it is ridiculously simple.

Since we’re discussing domain registration, and hosting accounts, and website building, we need to have a foolproof plan for how we’re going to create and manage good, strong passwords for all these accounts.

What makes a good password?

The first thing we need to get straight are the requirements. What are the essential elements of an ideal password?  (more…)

Domain registration - a detailed guide

How to register a domain name that rocks

You’re convinced you should own your own domain name. You’ve done your research and brainstorming, and you have chosen a domain name that rocks, along with several alternate ideas just in case. Now it’s time to get that name registered.

There are a couple of things you should know first, and then I’ll walk you through the process to register a domain name.

Register separate from hosting

This is a debated issue. Some will argue that you should always register a domain name with a different company than you use for your web hosting, while others will tell you not to worry about it.


There are some points in favor of using one company for both services.

First, it’s slightly cheaper since most hosting companies will give you one free domain name registration with an annual hosting package paid in advance. But we’re not talking big money here. It costs around $10 a year to register a domain name, so I wouldn’t be swayed on this point alone.

Second, it’s convenient. Getting both jobs done with one stop is less hassle and less time, especially for those who want to spend less time on tech geek stuff, and more time making music. It also means one less account to keep track of, which means one less password to keep track of. It also means one less bill to keep track of. If you do it all through one provider, and set it up to auto bill, you’re done.

I’m not dead set against this. (more…)

How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name that rocks

All the good domain names are taken. At least it seems that way sometimes, but you can still choose a domain name that rocks for your band, or any other purpose, if you just put a bit of thought into it, and follow these simple guidelines.

If you’re wondering why you should register a domain name, and not just use a free website service, be sure to read the previous article I wrote, 5 Reasons you should own your own domain name.

OK, now that you’re convinced, let’s get started.

I’m going to assume we’re working with a band, or musical artist, but even if that isn’t the case, these steps would still apply.  (more…)

5 Reasons why you should own your own domain name

5 Reasons you should own your domain name

The first step in getting your band online, is registering a domain name. But don’t rush the beat, first you need to understand a bit about domain names and how they work.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically an internet address. You want a website, and you’ll need to tell people where to find you online. That is what the domain name is for. It’s your internet street address. You can’t have the same address as someone else, so you need a unique domain name. Imagine the confusion that would ensue if two people had the same address!

Because of this need for uniqueness, and the fact that a great many simple domain names are already taken, it may require a good deal of thought and creativity to find the domain name you’ll want to live with for the rest of your band’s life. We’ll discuss that issue in my next article, How to choose a domain name that rocks.

For more information about domain names and how they work, try the website of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Why should you have your own domain name?

You’ve already got a Facebook page, or perhaps a page at Soundcloud or some other service. Why is it important to have your own domain? Couldn’t you just set up a website at or something similar? Well, of course you could, but you shouldn’t. Here’s why.  (more…)